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Portrait of a restaurant (My Work / Restaurant "Sans Façon“)

This time, I’ll introduce one of my works, a portrait of a restaurant.

Restaurant "Sans Façon", which was appreciated as a pioneer of French restaurants in Kagurazaka, Tokyo for 23 years. (It closed in 2015).

It is the first restaurant where I exhibited my painting. And after that, the Owner-Chef kindly decorated the walls with many of my paintings for a long time, until its closure.

This charming restaurant, with its impressive red tent, remains my favorite motif even now. (I've made many paintings).

It inspired me to start making “portraits” of restaurants/shops.

Painting my favorite places is a fun and heartwarming process. It is like painting a "portrait”. I try to express its “personality” and atmosphere in my own way.

I made this picture 2 years ago, at the request of a person involved in "Sans Façon“, and is now on display in a French restaurant "Girouette" in Nikko.

This is a restaurant that always I love, even if it no longer exists.

As long as it remains in someone’s heart as something precious, restaurants and also people will live forever.



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