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The exhibition at Isetan Shinjuku Art Gallery has finished!

“My First Art Exhibition Vol.2 - Let's find a new reward" at Isetan Shinjuku Main Art Gallery finished successfully yesterday, on Dec. 26.

Thank you for everything.

It was an innovative exhibition by 28 artists selected by "ISETANISTA" people.

ISETANISTA is a group of Isetan customers, and “the project by the customers” was very fresh and attracted a lot of attention.

The exhibition space was as fun as a toy box, filled with original and unique works. I was excited just by staying in the venue.

I participated as an artist recommended by beauty and perfume journalist YUKIRIN,

I collaborated with a travel perfume by the French company CARON.

The space of works related to perfume seemed to enjoy a different mood from the rest of the venue of this exhibition. The collaboration between perfume and art is revolutionary, innovative and not much precedent, so it was well received by the visitors.

I was honored to have this opportunity (it had been 10 years since L'Artisan Parfum) to collaborate with a perfume. 

I’ve received many heartful and positive comments about the warmth and tenderness of my works this time.  Perhaps it’s because I painted them in synchronizing my concept and feelings with the perfumes.

Art collaboration that resonates with shared concepts is a very exciting, fascinating and rewarding process. 

If I have the chance, I would definitely like to try it again.

I’m also very glad to have been able to witness my works (2 of 3 pictures) departing happily in such a lovely space.

Thank you very much to everyone who appreciated our works at the gallery and on the WEB. Thanks again to Isetan Gallery and related people, to ISETANISTA, and to YUKIRIN.

This concludes my work for this year. Thank you all for your support this year. 

I‘d be happy if you could support me also next year. I’m looking forward to seeing you !

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