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Departing for France !

Autumn is coming soon, and I’ve restarted my various activities.

September is also the season of travel for me. I’ve decided to go on a journey also this autumn.

I’ll depart for southwestern France, and then go up north, to Paris.

Now I will once again visit France, chasing new motifs and inspirations, before my activities and exhibitions starting from the winter.

I’ll experience the art called “France”, thinking about my works and direction from now.

Upon my return to Japan in the middle of the fall, I will work on my new pictures, for the coming exhibitions and events from the end of the year.

Thank you as always, for your continuous support!

* * *

Also this time, I’ll post photos and travel journals on Instagram, Facebook, and my other blog,

I’d be happy if you could enjoy them as well.

I have 2 Instagram accounts as follows :

This account is linked to this official site. It features photos of paintings, exhibition scenes, and motifs.

My travel photos, daily life scenes, and restaurant informations, etc. I’d be glad if you follow this account as well.

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