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Description of Works 3 / Group Exhibition at Isetan Shinjuku Store Gallery

Inspired by Caron's three scents, 3 works were drawn with a travel story in mind.

<Description of Works>

The last work is "Florist in Paris" (SM)

(Perfume: "L'heure vagabonde - a poetic walk" *Literal translation: "wandering time")

After spending some wandering time, I return to Paris, unpack my bags, and breathe a sigh of relief.

Back to the daily routine, a new day will begin tomorrow.I went to a florist in my neighborhood to decorate my room with flowers.

The image of a relaxing time after returning from a trip. The gentle, smoky, reassuring scent is also pleasant.


“L’heure Vagabonde” - a poetic walk

(lime, tobacco, ginger, gaiac wood, patchouli)

This cologne combines the refreshing lime accord with the rich woody and honeyed tobacco absolute. It is a powerful fragrance that lies between freshness and delicacy.


“My First Art Vol.2" - Let's find a new reward !

Isetan Shinjuku Main Bldg. 6F Art Gallery

Dec. 20(Wed) - 26 (Tue), 2023 (last day closes at 6:00 p.m.)



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