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I just came back from Italy and France!

I have been traveling in Italy and France for about a month since the end of May.

The main purpose is to check the landscapes I have been painting,

and to find new subjects.

From Rome I traveled to Umbria  region (central Italy) including the festival of Infiorata, then via Florence to the Cinque Terre / Genova.

Then along the Mediterranean Sea, I visited the Côte d'Azur and Provence.

I came back to Southern France and Cinque Terre, which I always pursue as motifs.

I also visited many new places and my mind is now full of motifs.

During my journey, I want to travel as if I were living there.

But, even though I want to keep the pace of my daily life in Japan, when there is something I love in front of me, that is all I can see. 

Anyway it is very important to be stimulated.

My next solo exhibition will be at "Suiheisen Gallery" in Kamakura from Sep.26 to Oct.1.

I would be very happy if you could keep checking out my activities !

Thank you for your continuous support ☺️


During my journey,  I’m always posting travel journal mainly on SNS, FB and my other Instagram account “ a_noisette “, so please take a look if you please.

(The QR code is attached to this article).



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