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My future activities after the fall.

September has come! It’s the season everyone is ready to begin activities with a renewed spirit.

I’m starting to proceed with my plans for the fall and beyond.

For the past few years, I’ve been active mainly on solo exhibitions, but from this year I’d like to challenge also other interesting things.

I’m planning to get involved in exciting projects and exhibitions.

And also I want to create opportunities to work also with other artists.(I think it is essential to receive external stimulations, not only staying in my own world).

I’ll try to exhibit and present my works in various ways.

I am also planning to go on another trip to pursue new motifs.

(I will continue to post my travel records and photos on SNS and my other blog "Atsuko K. les Voyages des Couleurs" , so please visit the pages if you are interested in them.)

My next solo exhibition is scheduled for April 2024. I want to enjoy realizing my plans as much as possible until then.

I would be happy if you could enjoy my activities. Thank you as always, for your continuous support!

"The most beautiful villages of France / Moustiers-Ste.Marie"



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