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My OFFICIAL HOME PAGE just opened !

The official HP of Atsuko Kawamata (Artist-painter) is renewed to this web-site.

Here, I’ll introduce my works and update informations about exhibitions, etc.

(In my current blog "Atsuko K. les Voyages des Couleurs” , I continue to update the article about travels, photographies and essays. )

I’d be happy if you could enjoy both of my web-sites from now on.

Thank you as always !!

<Atsuko Kawamata >

Artist-Painter (Oil-painting). Born in Tokyo and raised in Kamakura.

Focusing on solo exhibitions, also involved in restaurant exhibitions, promotions and collaborations, etc.

I always travel in Europe, mainly in France, Italy and Southern Europe.

The motives are travel scenes in Europe, landscapes with flowers, and “portraits” of shops/restaurants.

On canvas, I express my feelings and impressions I've received during my journeys, by using the means of "colors".



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