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  • noisette1223

My solo exhibition ended ! Thank you for all !

The “Journey of Colors 2024 -Towards the South-” ended successfully. Thank you for all.

It’s my pleasure if you enjoyed my works and the concept of journeys.

It was a very fruitful exhibition that many people came to see and talk with me.

I’d like to make use of this experience for my next step.

Painting is a work that I have to do alone, but at the exhibition I can have conversations with many people through my finished works. It’s a precious moment and I feel very happy.

I’m glad to expand my human relations through art. 

I’d also be happy if my exhibition could become a useful place for all of the guests to expand their fantastic relations.

My next solo exhibition will be held at “Suiheisen Gallery” in Kamakura from Sep. 26 (Thu) to Oct. 1 (Tue) ‘24.  Please come to appreciate my works !

To all of you who visited the gallery, those who were interested in my exhibition, and my friends who have supported me, and also the gallery staff,

With many thanks to all of you !



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