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<Announcement>My works are deplayed at a bistro “Le Clos Montmartre” Kagurazaka (partly for limited time)

“Le Clos Montmartre” is an authentic french bistro, located in an alley in Kagurazaka since 1998.

From the opening, I always love this restaurant and enjoy delicious meals and wine.

This popular and fantastic bistro is displaying my small oil-paintings since long time.

And, through their kindness,from March 7, also one of my larger painting is displayed. (For a limited time Until end April 2024) .

It is for the purpose of the announcement of my next solo-exhibition, i.e. In order to make my works known to the clients who love France and art.

(The solo exhibition will be held at "America Bashi Gallery" in Ebisu, April 17~22. I’ll inform you soon.

Title : "One of the most beautiful villages in France (Saint-Cirq-Lapopie)" (Oil-painting, F15)

It’s a work I made several years ago. 

The scenery of the Perigord region, the home of gourmet food in southwestern France, makes nice combination with this restaurant.

(The frame and wall are originally for a painting “Vineyards of Montmartre” of this restaurant, so the space will be returned to it after my solo exhibition.)

The date has not yet been fixed, but I will remove this painting (large one only) around end of April upon my solo-exhibition is over. 

I’d be very happy if you could visit this charming bistro appreciating my works with delicious food and wine !

“Le Clos Montmartre” bistro Parisien

Ryou1 Kagurazaka, 2-12 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0825

(about 3 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Iidabashi Station)

Closed on Sunday. Lunch is available only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

(It’s popular restaurant and difficult to visit without reservation, so please call to confirm the situation.)



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